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"Scott Vice is honest, timely and available. The crew was nice and efficient. I recommend them."

-J. Pearson
Santa Rosa

Challenge: create landscape to reflect increased property value

A professional couple with many years equity wanted their corner lot in the historic Santa Rosa Grace Tract to reflect the dramatic increase in value. Scott Vice drew on his years of experience with the area and selected trees, grasses and shrubs, surrounding them with a Sonoma fieldstone drystack retaining wall. The hand-stacked Sonoma fieldstone conceals the sturdy concrete retaining wall that stabilizes the soil. Careful drainage and effective irrigation are built into the moderately sloping lawn.

Drainage, irrigation and soil subsidence

Drenching winter rains are a trademark of the Sonoma County environment and the soil must be properly stabilized. The dry season can last nine months so irrigation is crucial to the health and appearance of a Sonoma County landscape. Scott Vice digs down to shape the landscape with the correct gradient for optimum runoff, making sure that moisture from gentle rain is retained. Drainage systems are constructed to carry away excess water during heavy rainfall, and irrigation is installed for regular watering during the dry season.

River rock at curbstone and edging the driveway

Scott Vice uses a variety of shapes and textures to please the eye, such as tumbled river rock in places that are prone to bare edges. The fortnight lillies near the curb are surrounded by river rock provide a splash of green even when conditions are dry.

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