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Flagstone-Patterned Tinted ConcreteTumbled River Rock Dry Creek Safe Poolside Area on Steep Lot
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"Our yard is more than a backyard, it's a masterpiece! Scott Vice did a wonderful job in managing this project from beginning to end."

-D. Lamela
Bennett Valley

Challenge: Create Safe Poolside Area on Steep Lot

The homeowners wanted to create a patio area for entertaining that flowed to the circular spa and the larger swimming pool adjacent to it. The hillside required grading, drainage, irrigation and planting with eye-pleasing greenery that did not produce the litter of dropped leaves which could clog the pool filter. The landscaping was selected to look attractive year-round, but no thorny plants to scratch sunbathers.

Sonoma Fieldstone Drystack, Flagstone-Patterned Tinted Concrete

The hand-hewn look of the Sonoma Fieldstone creates the edges and risers of the rustic steps from the upper patio to the pool and spa, and conceals the concrete retaining walls. Hand-crafted flagstone-look patio stones and steps were created by Scot Vice's experienced team to create a visual signature for the entertainment areas. Textured concrete for the pool area creates a more stable footing for barefoot bathers.

Cultured Stone Veneer, Tumbled River Rock Dry Creek

Scott Vice uses a variety of shapes and textures to please the eye, such as tumbled river rock for the dry creek meandering by the patio area near the back door. Cultured stone covers the concrete sit-down walls near the pool and the curved, stepped low walls around the patio. The interplay of foliage and natural textures create an inviting setting for outdoor entertaining.

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